1 October 2016
Category: Spending
1 October 2016,

The BrandHook Rituals Study tells us that 46% of people’s daily lives are based on habit.

So how does this relate to helping your clients manage their Budgeting and Cashflow. It’s pretty easy really…. people like habits, in fact according to the study 75% of people agreed that routines are their to make their life ‘run as smoothly as possible’.

All you need to do if give your clients a good ‘routine’ for managing their Spending and Savings and they will use it…especially if it is designed to help them run their financial world ‘as smoothly as possible’.

Read the article and tell us what you think…do you have any routines that make your life easier?

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Steve Crawford

Your Spending Coach

Download: Consumers buy on auto-pilot (report).pdf



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