Steve's approach to cash flow management is empowering for clients as they move towards their goals with someone there every step of the way. I personally enjoyed learning how Steve utilises technology to make this process efficient and how easily this can be incorporated into my business.

Mark Wyld, MW Wealth

Hear what Ben Smith from blue ball financial planning is telling other advisers about the Your Spending Coach Work Shop.

Ben Smith - Director / Senior Financial Planner, blue ball financial planning

I attended the Melbourne YSC training sessions in late October 2013 and immediately saw this as an excellent valued added service we could provide our clients at JBS. Whilst there is much ground work to get the system running live, myself and a work colleague (Adam) have committed to have the program up and running by February / March 2014.

Myself and two other work colleagues have agreed to be the 'guinea pigs'. More exciting, we have also had 4 new clients agree to our 'Cash Coach' program over the last month. Two will be commencing early January, with the others coming on board in March 2014.

Whilst it is still early days for the Cash Coach Program, I can confidently thank Steve and the team at YSC now as I can see the benefits and value this will provide to our clients and the JBS team.

Will keep you posted on our progress and I do invite other advisers to share their experiences...

Glenn Malkiewicz, JBS Financial Strategists

Hey Steve, I just thought I would share with you that I’m getting good feedback thus far on my “Road to Riches” program. Which is essentially just your cashflow management program. I’ve spoken to two SOI's and they have each referred someone. The accountant I just meet with said “It was refreshing to hear your approach. You truly bring something unique and very different to your competitors”. Anyway I just thought I would say a big thanks to you and also that I am uber excited to start our YSC High Performance Team coaching latter in the month. Thanks, Adele

Adele Martin - Owner, RI Harbourside

Hey guys, email here from a client today who we secured leading with the cashflow piece on the back of the YSC course few months back. This is really what it's all about. She sends through this photo (screen dump of $0 credit card balance) just because she's so pumped and has called to follow up other actions. Her cc balance was $10K 6 weeks ago. Full fee paying client for me that could not be happier. We're also just finalising $6000 of XYZ risk and using XYZ super. Cashflow is the lead though (she says she sees "donuts" when I talk about super and insurance). ... Real testament to the course, and the offer that can surround it.

Tony Bingham - SMSF Specialist AdvisorTM, GPL Sydney Alberta

Since doing the Your Spending Coach course in July we have completely changed the direction of the business, with cash flow now the core offering. This is the missing link between the client setting their goals, and achieving them, and the YSC offering allows us to implement this.

The course was excellent at providing an understanding of clients’ spending habits, the link to their goals, how to engage, and the tools to implement the strategies. Without the work that YSC has already done, there is no way we could/would have taken the steps to incorporate this very important element of financial planning.

As we roll-out the offering, we have found the client reaction to be extremely positive. Already we are noticing increased client engagement as we work through the YSC process, which is great for the long-term growth of the business.

To demonstrate the client reaction, after pitching the offering to a client last week, I receive a call from one of his work colleagues looking to catch-up immediately for a chat.

Thanks for your assistance so far, and we look forward working with YSC to assist our clients in achieving financial independence!!

Matthew Bruce - Principal & Financial Adviser, Godfrey Pembroke

After attending the “Your Spending Coach” workshop we have been able to create another program to deliver to our clients that assists them on their path to achieve Financial Independence.

The content, collateral and expertise provided by Steve and his team have been paramount in establishing a new revenue source within our business but most importantly creating even more value to our clients. We have found that the correct delivery of this program, which we have branded “Your Money P.I”, has been a missing piece in our broad delivery of advice and our clients have embraced it at a pivotal part of their entire Wealth Creation Plan.

The articulation of this offer as the foundations of financial fundamentals together with structured Goal setting has permitted the clients to become more excited about their future and the relationship they have with G Financial.

Michael Grammatico - Director,

Thanks so much for running the Your Spending Coach course. For our business, the cash flow and budgeting piece is the missing link in what we say we can do, and actually delivering it – it will be an absolute game changer!!

Tunny, when we catch-up in a couple of weeks I would like to go through how we embed this into the business as a core focus.

I looking forward to starting the journey!!

Matthew Bruce - Principal & Financial Adviser, GodfreyPembroke

The YSC program reminded me of what our industry has possibly lost focus on – money management.

The program will take you back to the simple notion of helping your clients spend less money than they earn, and what benefits can come from doing so.

Steve’s program takes you on a journey; from re-introducing the concept of money management to your clients, how to position your offer, and importantly how to improve the clients financial position, and of course how your business can make a dollar.

Highly recommended!

Clint Thomas - Financial Adviser, OzPlan Financial Services

“I never had the resources or tools on hand to offer a fully supported cash flow and banking solution to my clients even when I knew that this is what they desperately needed the most.

We’ve played with online apps and of course excel but these all lack the two most important attributes - accountability and honesty. Now thanks to Steve and the guys at YSC, I have an entire team and the resources behind me to offer what I believe to be the most comprehensive yet easy to use personal cash flow management tool in the market place. Moreover, I also believe that this will play a major role in opening up a new avenue to approach Gen Y/X who we’ve often only been able to add limited value."

Thanks Steve!

Pete Hawcroft, Group GH

I’m writing this short email as an endorsement of the YSC Programme.

For the last few years, one of the consistent “needs” that our clients are requesting, has been around cash flow management / Budgeting.

In the past we have used basic Budgeting spreadsheet to help them put a Budget together, but when the annual review comes around, we have found that clients have seldom stuck to their budget, nor even looked at it, thus ‘back to the starting board’ again.

We were looking at another similar Budgeting tool when you approached us about YSC & Xero....we love the concept because it helps us and the client stay accountable and on top of matters....being ‘proactive’ rather than ‘reactive’.

With the new FOFA reforms and clients looking for non-product Financial Advice around lifestyle needs now, not just retirement, it would be totally remiss of our profession not to offer a service like this to our clients......this puts YSC totally at the forefront and on a much higher engagement level than what most planners/advisers in the marketplace currently offer their clients.

With Xplan rolling out soon, imagine if we could integrate Xero Budgeting into Xplan what efficiencies could be built, thus making the whole experience better for client and adviser?

Keep it up Steve.

Paul Antos – MD – My Wealth Advice, My Wealth Advice

We have only recently been involved in the Your Spending Coach program and already see the value add to our client’s circumstances and our relationships with them. Your spending coach provides certainty for our clients and enables us to efficiently provide the accountability and tracking required to guide our clients towards achieving what is most important to them.

Nick Davey – Senior Adviser - Collins SBA, Collins SBA

The big picture is setting up a business that is sustainable long term, through and beyond FoFA, when you chunk that down the benefits include strong relationships with clients that refer their family and friends to us, we need to provide the client with motivation to be passionate about our services.

In this day and age information is free, anyone can get information from the net if they know where to look so our future is in selling our experience and helping people navigate through life, the future of any service offered is make it easy for the client to do business with us and your system can do that.

This is the type of offering that can help advisers add value to clients as professionals, and removes any stereotype of selling managed funds, super and insurance.

Fraser Jack – Owner – Lifetime Wealth Protection (AON Hewitt), Lifetime Wealth Protection (AON Hewitt)

“Your Spending Coach is sensational!

I have been looking for years for a way to help high earning clients control their cash flow. There is often an expectation that if you earn a lot of money that there will always be more money that you need. In my 15 years of experience in working with high earning professionals, this could not be further from the truth. Intelligent, high achievers can often get caught on the hedonistic treadmill – the more they earn, the higher their expectations and therefore the more they spend. If I had a dollar for every high net worth client who has told me over the years that they do not have an extravagant lifestyle – I could retire right now! But there are many clients earning high 6 figure salaries and are overdrawn at the end of the month. This is exacerbated where clients are self-employed and need to provision for their own tax and super obligations.

No one wants to be confronted by the fact that they spend more than they earn. When you are a leader in your field and professional excellence is your personal hallmark, it’s the last thing you want to hear. As a result, high net worth clients are prone to underestimate their expenses and question the accuracy of spending analysis. This is the strength of Xero. All the data comes straight from their bank accounts, the picture of comprehensive and the goals are set by the client. You can’t argue with it, you can’t avoid the conclusions which flow from it.

The potential value to clients is huge, and after years of searching I don’t know of any program which comes close.

It’s a great system – but it requires an investment to master not only the technical aspects of the Xero program, but also the way to demonstrate the value to clients. There is no way that we could have integrated Xero into our business without Your Spending Coach. Steve and the team are passionate about how this can help clients and incredibly generous in sharing with others. They are clearly experts and can ensure that the pitfalls in working with the Xero system can be avoided.

We are really excited about the potential of Your Spending Coach for our business. And without getting too carried away, if there were a legion of advisers using this system I think there would be many more Australians making conscious spending decisions aligned with their personal values, which could make Australia a happier place.”

Catherine Robson – Principal – Affinity Private, Affinity Private

YSC Revitalised me...

Thank you very much for the last two days. They have revitalised me as I now feel I have a solution to provide true financial planning to my clients. I look forward to using this system in our business and will be promoting this to my colleagues and people I know in the industry as I am confident that this will help all advice businesses and improve the reputation of our industry.

Frand Da Luz - Brisbane YSC Attendee, Director - Enrizen Financial Group

Just a short note to say thank you for a great course. It is always great to hear real life stories and experiences. I have my first “budget” client booked in for Friday morning so will test out the theory on them and let you know how that goes. No doubt I will be in touch with you soon,

Julie Dougherty - Brisbane YSC Attendee

I found Steve’s presentation and coaching to be both professional and insightful with the right balance between theory and practical application. Steve takes the time to provide clear explanations to any questions or concerns raised in a relaxed, friendly environment. His in depth knowledge and practical experience in coaching on cashflow management is unique in this field and I therefore believe his course is invaluable for anyone who wishes to gain knowledge and expertise in this area. The knowledge gained and continual access to a library of updated resources represents real value for money.

Nicholas Gyngell, Lifespan Financial Planning