How does Your Spending Coach work?
We've been running a 'Spending & Savings' program in our advice business - Experience Wealth - since 2009. Your Spending Coach is based on all the things we've learnt and built over that time. Our CVP is we can help you drastically cut down the time it would take you to build your own process from the ground up. Our aim is to get you to 'Coach' standard within 3 months.
What does Your Spending Coach cost?
Costs are split into Workshop Fees and Virtual Support Costs. 1) Workshop - The cost is $1995 for one attendee and $2995 for two attendees (must be from same business). All workshops are run from Melbourne starting Thursday lunchtime and finishing Friday afternoon Virtual Software Support - Have no idea how to setup and manage your clients on Xero or Moneysoft? Well you can use our Virtual offer and we'll do the work for you. Setup fees are $200 + GST and the monthly cost per client is $60+GST (reduces to $50+GST for members) See "Virtual" details here
Why do you promote Xero & Moneysoft?
We promote Xero & Moneysoft because in our opinion they are the best solutions in the market to help you efficiently manage your Spending and Savings program. There are other providers on the market that may offer a solution that is as good, but we believe our partners do a great job for us and our clients. NB: We are not provided with any incentives to recommend Xero or Moneysoft - we do this because we want to.
Do you have a refunds & privacy policy?
Yes we do, it can be found at privacy-policy